About Us

Tried and trusted

The Building and Construction Industry Medical Aid Fund (BCIMA) is a fully accredited and financially sound restricted membership fund.

Throughout our 48-year-long history BCIMA has continued to put our members first by offering low-cost benefits that make a real difference in the lives of members. This is why we are considered to be the preferred medical fund of choice in the building and construction industry.


Strengthening your business

BCIMA places a great emphasis on finding effective and innovative healthcare solutions for employers and their employees. We have something valuable to offer each and every company, no matter whether they are large or small.

  • BCIMA is a pay-as-you-go fund designed for individuals working in the construction industry and their specific circumstances.
  • We are a one-stop shop catering to every need, from weekly contract workers to office personnel and executives.
  • Benefits and contributions are structured per family per year. There is only one benefit plan and contributions are structured according to the hourly rate of pay for each individual employee.